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Bow Die Tutorial ~ SBC DT Thursday 25th August

Hello Friends !

Annette here for the Scrapbook Blessings Club  to share with you Monday's Project "Dies".

Firstly: My Tip Of The Day
Before removing Die once it has been cut, with a large Pin,  push all of the perforated cut
pieces out of the Die before removing the actual Bow from the Die itself. I have found this process much easier rather than taking the Bow from the Die and trying to remove the little cut outs afterwards.

Now onto my Tutorial:

At this point I would just like to mention that these particular Dies are my most favourite of all Dies. I use these Dies on a constant regular basis, its very classy and adds loads of glamour to any projects.

  • The Dies I am using today are the Sue Wilson Bow Dies 
  • Finishing Touches ~ (Classic 3D Bow) and Finishing Touches ~ (Lattice 3D Bow)
  • Using Kaisercraft Cardstock in two contrasting colours I have chosen the small and large Bow Dies from both designs as well as the little back Bow Tag and the small Bow Tie plus the boarder strip
  • I place the Classic 3D Bow Dies on the White Cardstock and the Lattice 3D Bow Dies on the Black Cardstock adhering them firmly with Sticky Tape (I am using the white Tie Strip to bind the Bows together so I only need the 1 White Tie Strip)

  • Once this process is done I run each Bow through my Sizzix with a shim about 12 times to ensure all of the little pieces are cut properly. If the Lattice cut outs have not embedded and cut through correctly I place them back in the Sizzix and run them through several more times and just keep checking that the Lattice cut outs have cut properly.
  • Before removing the Bows from the Lattice Dies, I always use a large pin to push the little Lattice cut out pieces through first. Make sure you have all the Lattice cut outs pushed through before removing your Bow from the Die.

  • Now I have my Die Cuts ready to assemble.
  • With my Double Sided 6mm Adhesive Tape cut small strips and attach them to the Bows which should be right side up as well as the Bow Tag and Boarder. (See in picture)
  • The Small Bow Tie Piece should have the Double Sided Adhesive 6mm Tape placed the full length of the strip which goes on the back not the face side of the Cardstock

  • Now they are ready for attaching the Lattice pieces.
  • Layer the Lattice Die Cuts on top of the White Die aligning them up perfectly.

  • Once attached firmly, to achieve a nice curve, I roll my fingers on the insides of the two Bows until they start to curl up in shape

  • Once this process is complete I then place a small amount of Double Sided Adhesive to the Centre Backs of the Bows

  • Now roll the ends of the Bows back into the centre and each tab should meet right in the centre back of the Bow. Press down firmly to ensure they stick down well. With a double lot of Cardstock the Bows tend to be a lot stiffer and require extra attention at this point, otherwise they will just come unstuck.
  • Once this process is complete, with your Bows right side up, place a small piece of Double Sided Adhesive Tape to the larger bow in the centre.

  • Take your small sized Bow and place it in the centre and press down firmly with your finger
  • Once you have your Bows mounted ~ wrap the White Tie around the Bows to firmly hold the Bows in place and also this will finish them off.

  • Your Bow is now finished and ready to create your project with.

Thank you for visiting my Die Tutorial today and I hope you have enjoyed this project.

For any questions you may like to ask, please leave in the comments section and I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

I hope you can also join us at our Scrapbook Blessings Club and be blessed with this Tutorial.

As always, any comments are very much appreciated. 
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

Hope you have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by.

Annette ~

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